Downloads:  Bonus Models

Strand7 Bonus Models (23.8MB) This zip contains a series of bonus Strand7 models, some with results, that you may view using the Strand7 Model Viewer. After installing the Strand7 Model Viewer, download this zip and extract the Strand7 bonus models. Then use the viewer to open each model and view the results.

The models are provided to you simply to demonstrate Strand7. They are not intended to be used for real engineering analysis or design, nor do they necessarily provide specific information about modelling such structures.

Contents of zip:
  • Aerofoil Blade.st7
  • Auger.st7
  • Base Support.st7
  • Cast Iron Valve.st7
  • Composite Beam.st7
  • Highway Bridge.st7
  • Primary Doubler Repair Plate.st7
  • Storage Bin.st7
  • Suspension Bridge.st7
  • Tunnel.st7
  • VW Crank.st7
Each Strand7 bonus model file contains a small summary of the finite element model and tips on viewing the results. Simply select Summary/Information in the Strand7 Model Viewer, after opening the file.
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