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Skull analysis

The full article, Using Strand7 to Study the Mechanics of Feeding in Mammals, by Elizabeth Dumont, University of Massachusetts, was published in Issue 5 of News.St7 and is available here.
A single slice through the skull of a bat as seen in a micro-ct scan. Bone is white.

3D surface model of the skull of the Jamaican fruit-eating bat (Artibeus jamaicensis). This was imported into Strand7 as an STL file of triangulations.

Strand7 FE model of the skull containing 251,968 tetrahedral elements. Load vectors were applied to three nodes representing each of the two primary jaw closing muscles: masseter and temporalis. Constraints were applied at the three places where the lower jaw contacts and transfers forces to the skull during feeding; the center of each jaw joint, and the tip of the tooth where biting occurs.

von Mises stress in the palate under the common biting behavior (bite force = 22.5 N).

von Mises stress in the palate under atypical biting behavior (bite force = 18.8 N).

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