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Beam elements

In Strand7, beam is the generic term for a series of line elements and includes the following types:

  • Standard beams include axial, bending and torsional stiffness. These also support nonlinear axial stress/strain behaviour and nonlinear moment/curvature behaviour.
  • Truss elements are used as tension/compression members. These also support nonlinear stress/strain behaviour.
  • Cutoff bars are used as truss elements, where the axial force must remain within specified limits. These facilitate the modelling of tension-only or compression-only members.
  • Point contacts are used for node-to-node contact nonlinearity and may include friction.
  • Springs and dampers model a spring in parallel with a discrete damper.
  • Cable elements based on the catenary formulation. These may have a free length that is different from the distance between the end nodes.
  • Connection elements allow you to specify elastic or plastic connections between nodes.
  • User-defined beams allow advanced users to specify the element's behaviour by entering a stiffness matrix directly.
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