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Building finite element models in Strand7

Real-time dynamic rotation
You can rotate, scale and pan the entire model in real-time, using only the mouse. This feature is available in wireframe mode or fully-shaded solid mode, and doesn't require special graphics cards or graphics acceleration. The wireframe mode is particularly useful for rotating very large models. Strand7's automatic edge detection and extraction function quickly generates a wireframe that is very representative of the structure, but contains a relatively small number of lines.

Strand7's unique dynamic rotation system is very intuitive, allowing you full six degrees of freedom manipulation, using only the mouse - pressing additional keys or selecting different options on a pop-up is not required. In post-processing mode, you can even change the displacement scale dynamically in real time, with the mouse.

Rotating in solid mode.

Rotating in wireframe mode. Note that only a minimal number of lines is drawn.
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