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Building finite element models in Strand7

Verification tools
Strand7 offers many mesh verification tools, like free-edge display. You can contour many quantities, including aspect ratio, volume and applied pressure and temperature.

Aspect ratio contours on plates help find elongated or collapsed elements.

Volume contours on bricks help find collapsed elements.

Pressure contours are an alternative way to visualize applied pressure. They also help locate areas of the mesh that have incorrect values, as well as determining the full pressure range over the mesh.

Contours of internal angle can be used to find distorted plate elements.

The legend for all contour types may be of a histogram type. This means that it is possible to find out what proportion of elements are within a given band of contoured values. This allows for a quick overall assessment of the mesh quality. The following figure includes an inset with an enlarged picture of a histogram for internal angles.

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