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Strand7 Consulting has been providing consulting services in finite element analysis to both private industry and government since 1988. Our consulting services have developed over the years to provide our clients with specialised solutions to complex engineering problems in the areas of structural analysis and dynamics, applied mechanics and heat transfer. Other services include design verification, auditing and training.

Today our consulting briefs cover a diverse range of applications from detailed research studies to the design and validation of engineering structures (buildings, coal wagons, dams, pressure vessels, silos, ships, turbine footings, etc.).

Projects undertaken to date cover consulting work for industries such as, civil, mining, heavy power, building, materials handling, marine and shipping, rolling stock, paper mills and heavy steel manufacturing as well as government departments such as defence, navy and research.


The broad range of disciplines and expertise of our consultants, coupled with our many years of experience in supplying analytical services, provide the necessary resources to resolve complex technical issues in a cost-effective manner.

At the completion of each consulting brief we can provide a comprehensive technical report detailing the analysis methodology, results, conclusions and design recommendations.

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Strand7 Consulting is a member of NAFEMS and conforms to their strict quality assurance procedures for engineering analysis, design and validation of engineering products. All finite element analysis consulting work is carried out in accordance with NAFEMS quality system supplement to ISO 9001 relating to FEA.

Samples of consulting jobs

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Analysis of an 80m high-speed catamaran in accordance with Det-Norske Veritas' rules for high-speed light craft. Strand7 was used to perform a global strength analysis on an 80m high-speed catamaran vehicular ferry in accordance with Det Norske Veritas' Rules for High-Speed Light Craft (HSLC).

Analysis of a two-stage reduction gearbox for a conveyor drive assembly. Strand7 Consulting carried out natural frequency analysis of the gearbox to investigate the vibration characteristics of the gearbox shell and assembly. This was carried out in conjunction with physical testing by the client.

Analysis of AMP olympic sculptures. AMP, sponsors of the 2000 Olympic Games, commissioned the design, construction and installation of three Olympic sculptures for the turret of AMP Tower. The three sculptures represent athletes, gymnasts and paralympians, and were designed by the sculptor Dominique Sutton.

Coking oven rambeam thermomechanical analysis Strand7 Consulting carried out a transient finite element analysis of a rambeam. One complete pushing cycle, during which the beam moves into and then out of a coke oven, was analysed.

Analysis of a drive unit for a Skorpion Zinc Mill Thickener Analysis investigated the deflections and stresses in a high torque drive unit design. The drive unit consists of the base supporting structure, hydraulic motor mounts, pinion gears, slew ring gear, cage adapter ring and cage structure. Six motors are used to provide the drive action.

Analysis of a 45,000 tonne sugar silo constructed from post-tensioned concrete Strand7 Consulting performed a finite element analysis on a 45,000 tonne sugar silo. The silo wall is constructed of concrete and post-tensioned between diametrically opposite buttresses. There are four buttresses spaced 90 degrees apart. The principal aim of this analysis was to evaluate the effectiveness of proposed ring beams when opening two new access doors in the silo wall. The door opening at the floor slab level requires the cutting of three post-tensioned tendons.

Fatigue Assessment of Runway Girder for Coke Transfer Cars at BHP, Port Kembla The runway girder is part of the Rail and Support Duct Structure for the Coke Side Emission Control System. The principal aim of the analysis was to evaluate the overall stresses in the girder overhang and to perform a fatigue assessment on critical weld details.

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