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Strand7 API Manual

The Strand7 API Manual covers the functionality available to programmers wishing to leverage the power of Strand7 to develop new applications. The Strand7 API module is available as an addition to the Strand7 base package.

The manual -

  • presents a complete listing of all Strand7 function calls available through the API.
  • presents each function by specifying inputs, outputs and associated constants.
  • includes specific instructions for linking the Strand7 API to the following programming languages:
    • Delphi
    • C++
    • VB6 and VBA
    • C#
    • Visual Fortran
    • Lahey Fortran
    • Matlab
    • Python

The reader is assumed to have some knowledge of Strand7 and programming in one of the supported languages.

The Strand7 API Manual is only available in PDF form and is installed with Strand7 in the API folder.

Strand7 API Manual Contents Please view this document for the Strand7 API Manual chapter listing and usage with each supported language.

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