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Strand7 Theoretical Manual

The Strand7 Theoretical manual aims to provide Strand7 users with relevant theoretical information about the finite element method as it applies to Strand7. It is not intended to be a comprehensive review of the finite element method.

The manual -
  • should give users further insight into the behaviour of their Strand7 models and therefore better interpretation of analysis results.
  • should encourage sensible use of Strand7 by highlighting the embedded assumptions and limitations of both the method and its implementation.
  • attempts to present its material in a simple and straightforward manner, focusing on the physical meaning of the subject matter rather than the highly mathematical one.

The reader is assumed to have some knowledge of statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, the theory of elasticity and stress analysis. Familiarity with numerical anaylysis, matrix computation and the basics of the finite element method would be advantageous. A basic understanding of matrix notation is also assumed.

This manual should be used in conjunction with other Strand7 documentation such as the Using Strand7 manual, the Strand7 Verification Manual and the Strand7 Online Help

Strand7 Theoretical Manual Contents Please view this document for the Strand7 Theoretical manual chapter listing.

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