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Strand7 Verification Manual

The Strand7 Verification Manual is intended to cover a broad range of problems which are representative of its intended usage. Each entry in the manual investigates Strand7 results and compares them to known analytical solutions. Models are included for each entry.

The manual -
  • should give users further confidence in the accuracy in Strand7.
  • highlights element and analysis limitations.
  • covers a wide range of problems, each of which is compared to a known solution.
  • covers each problem in a concise common format for ease of interpretation.

The reader is assumed to have some knowledge of Strand7 including each solver and its purpose. The manual is concise but clear in its presentation of the verification efforts for each model.

This manual should be used in conjunction with other Strand7 documentation such as the Using Strand7 Manual, the Strand7 Theoretical Manual and the Strand7 Online Help

The Strand7 Verification manual is only available in PDF form and is installed with Strand7 in the Verification folder.

Strand7 Verification Manual Contents Please view this document for the Strand7 Verification Manual chapter listing.

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