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Moving load capabilities

The Strand7 moving load module allows detailed specification and analysis of moving loads along prescribed load paths. The moving load module (a combination of a Load Path and a Load Path Template), combined with the load influence solver or one of the time-dependent solvers, offers a highly effective means of performing moving load analysis.

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic Moving Load
A dynamic moving load can also be modelled using the load path template in conjunction with any of the time-dependent solvers. The load (vehicle) velocity and start time are assigned to a specific vehicle in a load path template and then when either the Quasi Static or a Transient Dynamic solver is used the load will travel along the load path across the elements. This is a true moving load, and results such as displacement or stress can be extracted for part of, or the entire, solution time.

Moving Load on Suspension Bridge

Moving Heat Source
As well as moving point and distributed loads, a moving heat source can also be modelled. This is for use only with the Transient Heat solver and allows for easier modelling of situations where the change in heat across a surface is important in the process, e.g. moving heat flux during a welding operation.

For more information on moving load applications, see Strand7 Webnotes - Applications / Bridges.
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