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Reinforced concrete design capabilities

Concrete is a widely used construction material with high compressive yet low tensile strengths. Its poor performance in tension must therefore be addressed by incorporating steel reinforcement in the area where tensile strength has to be enhanced; compression reinforcement is also sometimes needed to provide additional strength and stiffness. Strand7 provides a design tool to model and analyse reinforced concrete structures of custom geometry and properties using plate elements.

Pre processing

Reinforcement Layout
The reinforcement can be analysed using one of two methods, the simplified bending method which considers only the tensile reinforcement and the bending moments or the elasto-plastic method which can additionaly consider the compressive layers as well as the membrane forces. The reinforced concrete module is designed to support a range of codes including AS 3600, Eurocode 2, and the ACI 318.

Reinforced Concrete: Method

Up to four layers of reinforcement bars can be specified and they can be set up as symmetric or anti-symmetric.

Reinforced Concrete: Geometry

The properties of the concrete and steel, and code related factors can be entered.

Reinforced Concrete: Concrete (EC 2)

Reinforcement Library
Similar to the Strand7 material and section libraries, reinforcement layouts can be read from and stored to a reinforcement database for ease of access in any future models.

Reinforced Concrete: Libraries

Reinforcement Orientation
The reinforcement layout is oriented to the local axes of the plate elements and can be adjusted conveniently using a tool.

Reinforced Concrete: Orientation

Automatic alignment tool is also available.
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