Strand7 Snippets

Snippet #2: Entity Selection Icons

The type of entity (i.e., node, beam, etc.) that can be selected is set via the selection icons on the main toolbar.

Toggle a single icon
A click toggles the active/inactive state of the icon – when an icon is active, the respective entity is selectable.

Here, the plate selection icon is active, and therefore plate elements are selectable.
Activate multiple icons
By default, the selection icons operate in an exclusive way – activating one icon deactivates all other icons. To activate multiple icons at the same time, use Ctrl+Click – the ctrl-clicked icon is toggled while the other icons remain as they are.

Here, both beam and plate elements are selectable.
Activate only a particular icon, while deactivating all others, no matter what is currently active
In the image below, node, beam, plate and brick selection are all active.

To change the icons so that only brick selection is active, we could click the node, beam and plate icons to deactivate them one by one. Alternatively, a Shift+Click on the brick icon keeps it activated while deactivating all other icons.

Additional information
All of the entity selection icons can be toggled via the keyboard:
N – toggles Node selection L – toggles Link selection U – deactivates all selection icons (Up)
B – toggles Beam selection V – toggles Vertex selection D – activates all selection icons (Down)
P – toggles Plate selection G – toggles Geometry selection
K – toggles bricK selection T – toggles paTh selection

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