Strand7 Snippets

Snippet #3: Clone Function

The Clone function is used to quickly create a copy of an open model and immediately open the copy. This is equivalent to the sequence of saving a copy followed by opening the copy. However, Clone is more efficient: firstly, because it is a one-step operation, and secondly because it does not actually save the copy before opening it – the copy remains memory resident until it is saved or discarded (i.e., closed without saving)

With the 3D Frame.st7 model open, expand the Strand7 menu and select Clone.

A copy, named 3D Frame - Clone - 1.st7, is made and immediately opened – the original remains open.

Additional information
This feature is very useful in the common scenario where we want to make a change to a model for a quick check, but we do not want to modify the original model.

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