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ST7-R3.57 Theory

ST7-R3.57.30 Theory / Solvers

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ST7-R3.57.30.14 Follower Loads for Linear Buckling and Natural Frequency Solvers
Pressure loads on a surface “follow” the surface as it deforms; i.e., the direction of the resultant of the pressure follows the changing direction of the surface normal. This follower effect can lead to a reduction in buckling load and can modify natural frequencies. The linear buckling and natural frequency solvers, using the elastic and the stress stiffness matrices, do not capture this effect, and therefore the Nonlinear Static and/or Nonlinear Transient Dynamic solvers, with geometric nonlinearity, are usually required. Alternatively, the follower load option, available in the Strand7 Linear Buckling and Natural Frequency solvers, can be used to add a “load stiffness” term that depends on the geometry change to account for the follower effect.
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