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ST7-R3.70 Results

ST7-R3.70.20 Results / Extraction

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ST7-R3.70.20.11 Reaction Multi-Point Link
This Webnote introduces the Strand7 Reaction Multi-Point Link (Reaction MPL). The Reaction MPL sums nodal forces and moments about any point in space, for a specified set of elements, to facilitate the calculation of reactions and Free Body Diagrams (FBD) for components of a model. The link is illustrated with several examples from generating bending moments along a brick mesh to plotting the bending moment and torque diagrams of a building core of plate elements.
ST7-R3.70.60 Results / Combinations

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ST7-R3.70.60.14 Spectral Response Quantities Summation
The Spectral Response Solver calculates the response for each included mode from a Natural Frequency Analysis. Modal responses are summed using the SRSS and CQC methods to produce an envelope of responses for each result quantity. This Webnote explains how these envelopes are produced, not only for component quantities (e.g., reaction in a global direction), but also for combined quantities (e.g., reaction in a UCS direction).
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