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Strand7 Support and Maintenance

Strand7 Support and Maintenance is available as a subscription service. It is provided directly by us, or through our network of qualified and authorised associates worldwide.

As a supported user you receive new releases and updates to the Strand7 modules you have purchased.

You also have access to highly qualified Strand7 Support Engineers to help guide you through your modelling and analysis process, and provide you with expert advice in the use of Strand7 and FEA.

Our experience covers most engineering disciplines, and we have extensive knowledge of finite element theory, development and usage.

The service includes:

  • Hot Line Support:  Telephone and email support during normal business hours (AEST), regarding any issues that may be experienced whilst using the Strand7 software, including:
    • Installation Assistance
    • Operational Assistance
    • Modelling Assistance
    • Theoretical Assistance
    • Hardware Recommendations
    • Operating System Assistance

  • Model Check Service:  For situations where problems cannot be resolved by telephone, Strand7 users may send us their Strand7 models for further investigation and review.

  • Software Update Service:  Whilst users are supported they will receive Strand7 updates via download through secure login.

  • Strand7 Webnotes:  This is a comprehensive online library of resource materials covering FEA modelling, application and usage of the Strand7 software, plus background and theory of FEA. Access to the library is available to supported users via secure login. The Webnotes can be browsed here.
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