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Strand7 Webnotes R3

Strand7 Webnotes are a comprehensive online library of resource materials covering Strand7 modelling, application, usage and installation, plus general background and theory of FEA.

Access to the library is available to supported Strand7 users via a secure login and forms part of our Strand7 Support and Maintenance subscription service. To log in you will need your login details. Should you require information about your login details, please email us.

Each Webnote in the library consists of a PDF describing the topic. Most Webnotes also include one or more Strand7 files to help illustrate the practical side.

We aim to continually expand the Webnote library, so if there is a specific topic that interests you, or you have an idea for a Webnote that you would like to see, please email us.

We welcome your comments and feedback about any Webnotes that you download. We are also interested in hearing from you should you find any errors in them or require further clarification.

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