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Access to books is available to supported Strand7 users via a secure login and forms part of our Strand7 Support and Maintenance subscription service. To log in you will need your login details. Should you require information about your login details, please email us.

24.8 MB
Strand7 Verification Manual
The Strand7 Verification Manual documents a set of test problems used for the verification of the Strand7 solvers. The tests come from numerous sources as detailed in the reference section of each chapter. For each test, the Strand7 result is given together with a target value; target values are either published reference values or exact theoretical values (where these exists). Tabular and/or graphical comparisons are presented. The download includes the Strand7 models used in the tests.

6.1 MB
Strand7 API Course Excel+VBA
The Strand7 API (Self-Learning) Course offers an introduction to the Strand7 Application Programming Interface through a number of exercises and examples. Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic for Applications is used as the development framework.

4.0 MB
Strand7 API Manual
The Strand7 Application Programming Interface (API) allows programmers to develop applications that interact directly with Strand7, bypassing the Strand7 graphical user interface (GUI). The Strand7 API Manual documents all of the functions available in the Strand7 API (the C syntax is used for the description of the functions and input/output parameters). The manual also lists error codes, conventions and data types for property information, attributes and results, amongst other quantities.
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