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ST7-1.60 Installation

ST7-1.60.05 Installation / Basic

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ST7- Installation Guide
This document is current for Strand7 Releases 2.4.2 and later. Strand7 uses a HASP hardware lock device that comes with drivers developed by the manufacturer. This lock is supplied either as a parallel lock or USB lock. Strand7 may be run in either Standalone or Network mode depending on the hardware lock you have ordered. Please ensure that you have received the correct hardware lock. Strand7 is installed on a computer and the hardware lock is connected directly to that computer. Ideally,...

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ST7- Downloading and Updating to the Latest Strand7 Release
Depending on your support status, you may be entitled to download the latest Strand7 release. If you are unsure of your licence entitlements or support status, please contact us via info@strand7.com. When contacting info@strand7.com, please ensure that you include the company name and hardware lock name in your email (this information is available via the Strand7 menu under Help/Licence Information). The latest Strand7 release can be downloaded from our website www.strand7.com (navigate to...

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ST7- Generating a New Key Code
Strand7 requires a security key code to run. A key code must be entered for new installations and when new options are purchased for existing installations. There are some special cases where a new installation will not require a new key code, as discussed in ST7- Network Installation Configuration.  Right-click on the Strand7 icon and select Run As Administrator. For Strand7 R2.4.4 and prior, a dialog will appear stating that you need to enter a new key. Click Yes. ...

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ST7- Recommended Computer Hardware
This document outlines the computer hardware requirements for Strand7 R2.4.x. It also summarises how the different hardware components will impact the performance of Strand7.

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ST7- Strand7 File Types
This Webnote lists the file types and associated extensions generated and used by Strand7, and provides a basic description of each one.
ST7-1.60.10 Installation / API

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ST7- Configuring the API
This information applies to Strand7 R2.4.x when used under 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. To use the API, the API module must be licenced within your Strand7 installation (this can be checked by clicking Help/Licence Information from the Strand7 main menu to see the list of modules). You will need administrator privileges to complete the API configuration procedure described below. This document describes the recommended method for configuring your Windows...

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ST7- Removing Multiple Instances of the API
The problem with having multiple copies of the dynamic-link library (or DLL) on the same computer is that one cannot be sure which DLL will be launched by a program that uses implicit loading of DLLs, such as Excel. If one uses explicit loading of DLLs, one can make sure that the correct version of St7API.DLL is being used, but this must be compiled into the code and it limits the flexibility of the API application.

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ST7- Using the Strand7 API in a 64-bit Environment with Visual Studio
The Strand7 API is currently compiled as a 32-bit native library. All 64-bit Windows operating systems (WinXP 64, Vista64 and Windows 7) fully support 32-bit applications and libraries, although they do not allow mixed 32-bit and 64-bit applications to run. When developing Strand7 API applications, care must be taken to ensure that compatible 32-bit projects are created. Starting with release 2005, the Microsoft Visual Studio Complier Suite supports the option to target different system architectures...

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ST7- Access Violation when using Visual Studio
When executing a Strand7 API application through the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 IDE, the hosting process is known to conflict with the Strand7 API resulting in an access violation when the process is terminated. This issue is known to occur for Visual Basic and Visual C# projects. It does not affect Visual C++ projects. The access violation message appears as follows: The hosting process is a feature in Visual Studio that improves debugging performance, enables partial trust...

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ST7- LoaderLock Exception when using Visual Studio
When executing a Strand7 API application through the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 IDE, a LoaderLock exception is thrown preventing the application from running. This issue is known to occur for Visual C++, Visual Basic and Visual C# projects. The LoaderLock exception that is thrown when loading the Strand7 API is considered safe and can be disabled by completing the following steps: Open the Strand7 API project in Visual Studio. Open Debug/Exceptions... Clear the Thrown...
ST7-1.60.20 Installation / Network

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ST7- Network Installation Troubleshooting Guide
Network installations can be difficult due to the many configurations a network can have. This document covers common difficulties encountered after following the normal network installation guide (Webnote ST7- Installation Guide), and how to address them. Also refer to Webnote ST7- Network Installation Configuration for network configuration options.  Usually, the difficulty comes from the client being unable to talk to the server. This can be because of firewall settings...

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ST7- Windows Firewall Exceptions for Strand7
The Strand7 network version makes use of the Aladdin Licence Manager which needs to be allowed permission to act through the Windows Firewall. The following steps show the procedure to use to create an exception in the Windows Firewall. Go to the Control Panel and choose Windows Firewall Under the General tab, ensure that the firewall is set to On. Also make sure that Dont allow exceptions is not checked. Click the Exceptions tab and choose to Add Program Click Browse and locate the...

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ST7- Accessing Help Files on Network Drive with 32-bit Client
This information is relevant to Strand7 Release 2.4.x. This solution is valid for client computers with 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed. The Online Help contents menu may not appear if either the Strand7 Help file St7Refman.chm or the Tutorial file St7Tute.chm are located on a network-shared folder and opened from a client computer. Two solutions are presented below. Locate the current location of the help files on the network by opening Strand7 and choosing...

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ST7- Accessing Help Files on Network Drive with 64-bit Client
This information is relevant to Strand7 Release 2.4.x. This solution is valid for client computers with 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed. The Online Help contents menu may not appear if either the Strand7 Help file St7Refman.chm or the Tutorial file St7Tute.chm are located on a network-shared folder and opened from a client computer. Two solutions are presented below. Locate the current location of the help files on the network by opening Strand7 and choosing...

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ST7- Network Installation Configuration
This type of configuration is easy to setup and maintain. All installations and configurations are performed on the server computer. The client computers can directly run Strand7 from the network provided that they have access to the Strand7 installation folder on the server computer. This configuration also allows Strand7 to run on the server computer. Only one keycode (entered on the server) is required. See section Network Configuration A below for more details.  This type of...

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ST7- Network Timeout Considerations
Network licensing behaviour can be controlled with three network timeout variables in St7Config. They can be used to customise the licensing environment for specific network configurations and Strand7 uses, such as slow networks, limited license environments and long-running analysis jobs. The three network timeouts are as follows:  Set the Maximum Idle Time Before License is Released This setting is accessed by running St7Config.exe and clicking Set up the Server, then Next twice....

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ST7- Migrating Strand7 from Server to Server
Server upgrades mean that the Strand7 NetHASP device and licence manager need to be moved to a new server. This is not a difficult task, and is typically as simple as installing Strand7 on the new server machine and running the configuration utility.  There are some considerations with regard to older versions of Strand7 on new operating systems. Remove the USB or parallel port NetHASP device from the old server, ready to install on the new server. Follow the procedure in ST7- Installation...

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ST7- Strand7 Licencing on Virtual Servers
As network administration is increasingly outsourced, many clients are turning to the use of virtual servers. Virtual servers run on hosts. The same host can run many virtual servers. This document covers the use of virtual servers to serve Strand7 network licences. Below we profile VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual servers.  The licence manager and USB NetHASP device will work on a VMware virtual server. The steps required to assign a NetHASP device to a virtual server using vSphere...
ST7-1.60.30 Installation / Windows 7 and Vista

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ST7- Installing Strand7 R23 for Standalone Mode on Windows 7
This information is relevant to Strand7 R2.3.6 and prior running on Windows 7 and Vista. The HASP device driver software provided with Strand7 R2.3.6 and prior do not install on Windows 7. This issue can be overcome by allowing Windows 7 to download the driver automatically, or preferably by updating to Strand7 R2.3.8, or the latest version. Insert the Strand7 hardware lock. Windows 7 will search for the latest drivers and install them. When completed, execute Strand7 and you should...

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ST7- Installing Strand7 R241 and Prior for Network Mode on Windows 7
This information is current for Strand7 Releases 2.3.7, 2.3.8 and 2.4.1 running on Windows 7 and Vista. Strand7 Release 2.4.2 and later have updated drivers and should not need the special considerations below. The Licence Manager software shipped with the aforementioned Strand7 releases does not install completely on Windows 7 as it cannot install the necessary hardware lock drivers. Important Note: Do not attempt to use St7Config.exe to install the HASP Licence Manager in this case. ...

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ST7- Accessing Strand7 R23 Help Files on Windows 7
This information applies to Strand7 Releases 2.3.7 and 2.3.8 running on Windows 7 and Vista (32 bit and 64 bit). If you have not yet installed Strand7 on Windows 7 please refer to ST7- Installation Guide before continuing. By default the Strand7 Help file, refman.hlp, will not work on Windows 7. The following procedure can be used to successfully make the Strand7 online help work on Windows 7. This document references Microsoft KB article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607. The...
ST7-1.60.50 Installation / Windows XP

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ST7- Increasing the Available RAM to 3GB in Windows XP
Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT have a /3GB switch which allows the Strand7 Solver to use in total 3GB of RAM (instead of the usual 2GB). The /3GB switch forces x86-based systems to allocate 3GB of virtual address space to programs and 1GB to the kernel and to executive components. The Strand7 Solver has been compiled to take advantage of this additional memory address space. This process requires administrative rights on the computer. WARNING: A knowledgeable...
ST7-1.60.60 Installation / HASP

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ST7- Addressing Flashing USB HASP Hardware Lock
Certain firmware versions of the USB HASP Hardware Lock will attempt to update automatically when the lock is attached to a computer. If this update procedure fails, the hardware lock may not function properly.  Please continue if both of the following apply: Strand7 no longer runs and an error message regarding hardware lock could not be found is given. The USB HASP Hardware Lock is attached to the computer and the light on the hardware lock is flashing.  Download the firmware update...

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ST7- Installing the Latest HASP Drivers
This document is relevant to computer systems with Strand7 installed running either 32bit Windows (2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista and 7) or 64bit Windows (XP, Vista, 7, and Server 2008). Strand7 requires a hardware lock to run. This is a physical device that must be connected to the computer. The lock used with Strand7 is a commonly used device called HASP and is available with either a USB or Parallel interface. Sentinel HASP (formerly Aladdin HASP SRM) enables the use of hardware...

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ST7- Using the Aladdin Monitor
This document is relevant to computer systems with Strand7 installed in Network Mode. Aladdin Monitor is a program developed by Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd. (now owned by Gemalto). It can be used to monitor the activity between Strand7 and the NetHASP Licence Manager. If you are using a HASP device over a network you can collect licence information directly. Aladdin Monitor can identify the number of licences currently used, their corresponding IP addresses, and their remaining session idle time. The program can be run on any client computer connected to a network, including the server computer.
ST7-1.60.70 Installation / Other

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ST7- Changing Folder Locations
This Webnote describes the procedure for changing the default Strand7 folder locations. The following folders are used by Strand7:
  1. a scratch folder for storing temporary files;
  2. a folder for storing the property libraries;
  3. a folder for storing the context-sensitive Online Help files;
  4. a folder for storing the default display configuration parameters.
Although a new installation of Strand7 will assign default locations for these folders, and in most cases they never need changing, the locations are user-configurable to allow for different user preferences or to accommodate different computer setups, especially for network or shared Strand7 installations.

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ST7- Manually Removing a Strand7 Installation from Windows
This information applies to Strand7 R2.x or later installed from website or CD media. When installing a new release of Strand7, the setup program halts with information that Strand7 is already installed on the computer. The old Strand7 program files have been deleted and the Strand7 entry in Add / Remove programs cannot be removed. You may experience this problem if: You delete the program folder of Strand7 without first uninstalling it. The network drive where Strand7 is installed...

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ST7- Trend Anti-Virus Solver Recovery
The Trend Anti-Virus pattern files from the dates around 14th July 2010 falsely recognised the Strand7 solver executable (St7Solve32.exe) as a virus, and in some cases deleted or quarantined the solver. In other cases the installation may become corrupted, requiring re-installation. This document outlines the procedure to recover Strand7 R2.4.x. ...

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ST7- Windows 7 VirtualStore Behaviour
The Windows VirtualStore is a feature of Microsoft Windows, first introduced in Windows Vista, to provide backwards compatibility to programs that write files to protected Windows locations. This Webnote troubleshoots some Strand7 issues that have arisen as a result of the VirtualStore, when installing Strand7 in Network Mode or when switching Strand7 to and from Network Mode.  To successfully install Strand7 in Network mode, additional installation steps are required to licence and unlock the...

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ST7- No Disk Error upon Opening Results File
No Disk error message is shown when opening the results file. The error message may occur if the results file path points to a drive which is not available on the computer. Possible causes are: The model has been transferred from another computer where the E: Drive was originally available. A memory card has been left in the memory card slot (E:) when the computer restarts, resulting in reading failure on the E: Drive. There could be collisions in the drive letters between the portable...

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ST7- Installing User Defined Libraries
Strand7 ships with a number of library files which are accessed through the Strand7 graphical user interface (GUI). For example, when assigning a material property such as steel to an element property type, you are extracting data from a material library file. The libraries and their contents are customisable - they may be edited, deleted, or augmented to produce user defined libraries. This allows you to tailor the data to your needs - either to change the data, or simply to make the data you need more easily accessible.

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ST7- Running Strand7 on a Mac
As Apple desktop and laptop computers are now mostly powered by Intel Processors, it is possible, in principle, to run Windows programs (compiled for Windows) on Mac computers. This Webnote summarises three approaches available for running Strand7, or the Strand7 Viewer, on a Mac, namely: Setting up a Mac as a dual boot Windows and Mac OS X computer. Using virtualisation software. Using resource mapping software. Boot Camp is a software system available on the Mac for partitioning the...

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ST7- Registry File Associations on Installation
Strand7 has several file types which are entered in the Windows Registry on installation. You can also redefine these associations after installation with the St7Config.exe utility.
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