Strand7 R3 Preview

Strand7 R3 Preview

We are currently putting the finishing touches on our next Strand7 release - Strand7 R3.

Strand7 R3 builds on the rich feature set of previous Strand7 releases, yet is a major new software development that offers many significant new capabilities and enhancements. These will benefit all users, irrespective of engineering discipline.

Three features that you will notice immediately are:
  1. A new cleaner graphical user interface (GUI) that is easier to use and faster to navigate.

  2. A new high-performance graphics engine built on DirectX; this provides a major boost in rendering throughput and display quality, including the rendering of solid geometry.

  3. A new 64-bit architecture throughout - GUI, Solvers and API; this gives Strand7 access to all the RAM on your computer, allows you to generate result files of any size, and provides a significant increase in solver performance for large models.
Until the official release date for Strand7 R3 is announced, we are offering our supported users the opportunity to experience a preview of R3 for themselves. If you are a supported Strand7 R24 user interested in experiencing Strand7 R3 and providing us some feedback, just send us an email with your request.

To run Strand7 R3 you will need:
  • 64-bit Windows (7, 8 or 10).
  • A graphics card that supports DirectX 11.1 or above.

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